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Wind (POA/MOQ)

Let the WIND carry you!

WIND offers a combination of ergonomic features, functionality and unique design to create a comfortable and productive office environment. It is the best choice for those who spend most of their workday sitting in an office and who value comfort.

• Has an easily recognizable transparent lumbar support, which is not only a nice accent for the chair, but is also adjustable in height and adapts to the shape of the users back due to the silicon elasticity features to provide exceptional comfort.
• Choose a backrest with knitted mesh, designed by “Baldanzi & Novelli designers”. Additional lumbar support by tightening mesh area for a full comfort of your back. The advanced technology was applied in manufacturing. As a result, there are no corner stitches and zero waste.
• Simple to adjust intuitively. Control options allows the user to personalize and achieve long-term comfort through few manual adjustments.

Adjustment features:
Synchronous mechanism
The weight-sensitive synchro mechanism provides full comfort and meets the demands of today’s dynamic work environment. The mechanism automatically adapts to the user’s body weight and movements when leaning back without additional manual adjustments.

Adjustable lumbar support
Height adjustable lumbar support adapts to the shape and pressure of the human back.

Seat depth adjustment
Fixed seat or depth adjustable seat.

Adjustable armrests
Fixed or 2D/3D armrest adjustment options.

• See brochure attached for model details

5 Years

Lead Time
12 – 16 Weeks