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Motion Sit and Stand (POA/MOQ)

An electric height adjustable desking system designed for a dynamic working style. A regular change of posture improves your well-being and concentration, whereas an ergonomic and well-organized work space evokes positive emotions. The system is available as single desks or bench desks designed for a flexible arrangement of workstations as well as for individual or group work.

• Electric height adjustable bench desks for more dynamic and healthy work style.
• Bench desks promote dynamic, creative and collaborative office environment. Each person can individually adjust and choose the most suitable desk height, while working together at the same bench of joined desks. With one button click your desk height can be easily adjusted from 700 to 1200 mm (2 columns) or from 650 to 1300 (3 columns).
• Desk control is very easy and user-friendly. With desk buttons you can adjust the height of the desk according to your needs. Save 2-3 of your favourite height positions and get the reminder when it is recommended to change the position.
• You can use your smart device via Bluetooth remote control to adjust the height of your desk (suitable for Android and iOS systems). Desk control app can be connected to 8 desks and store up to 2-4 height positions.
• Anti-collision solution limits material damages in case desk collides with a solid object. Only desks with 3 columns have an anti-collision function.
• Complemented by fixed height acoustic screens to improve acoustic comfort, avoid chaos and maintain the neat office look.
• Smart cable management solutions in Motion system to fit your individual needs in the modern office environment.

• Choose from two types of legs. H type metal legs give the additional free space for moving and storing things. Panel legs are an option for those who prefer more privacy. This type of legs visually covers the space under the desk and creates an aesthetic office look.
• Choose the desktop from fixed or sliding (only for bench desks) and with a cut-out for grommet or scallop for wire management, whichever suits your work style best.

• See brochure attached for model details

5 Years

Lead Time
12 – 16 Weeks