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PEAK Workstation (POA)

The PEAK Workstation by Modko is a breakthrough in ergonomic workstations inspired by the latest science and technology in workplace health and safety. The PEAK range comes in Electric Sit & Stand and Fixed Height options. Recent studies have found that today’s office worker needs to actively switch between standing and sitting positions not only for physical comfort but for its overall healthier advantages. The Peak is designed streamlined yet sturdy for the best of both worlds, attractive and functional. It should provide your office with years of service, satisfaction and good health.

• Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
• Choose from Low Profile (Foot on C Leg) or Modern Square Edge Profile designs
• Height range goes from 620mm-1270mm
• 160KG when straight and 240KG on corners and 120-degrees
• 38mm per second configuration
• Built-in with Piezo anti-collision for maximum safety
• iOS and Android apps available for auto-drive to set to preset configuration automatically
• Configure frame: straight C Leg, Straight T Leg, Back-to-Back, 120 degree, or Corner
• Controller (Standard): Paddle Up/Down Drive, 2 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth connectivity
• Controller (Premium): Paddle Up/Down Drive, 4 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth connectivity, Height Display
• AFRDI rated

10 Year Warranty on components
5 Year Warranty on electrical

Lead Time
4 – 8 Weeks